Resort Development, Portugal



Working alongside long time collaborators, Arc Consulting Partners, in 2021, we were appointed to develop an integrated vision for a tourist resort on a large, inland site in southern Portugal.

Strategically located at the edge of a National Park and within close proximity to the sea, particular care has been taken to develop a sustainable offer that will be rooted in the local context and character.

A detailed benchmarking exercise was undertaken to identify and review successful international offers in a similar conditions, together with engagement with local stakeholders and the mapping of existing constraints and opportunities.

A ‘Site Appraisal and First Thoughts Report’ was submitted at the end of 2021 and the ‘Concept Definition & Market Feasibility Report’ was submitted at the end of 2022.


tugal-01 Placemake
tugal-2 Placemake
tugal-3 Placemake