Orange Island,



In 2019, Placemake was appointed to prepare planning regulations for a significant mixed-use development at Lagos Lagoon.

Overall, the master plan delivers up to 650 plots of varying character and use. With the involvement of multiple sub-developers and design teams, there was a particular need for development control to ensure that the overarching principles of the master plan will be retained through implementation.

Key deliverables include parcellation, parameter plans and plot specific regulation sheets. Each regulation sheet outlines the applicable criteria for that plot or parcel with beacon numbers that correspond to the title deed. Development criteria includes a combination of fixed, minimum and maximum allowable quantum including land use, density, massing, set-backs, floor area, coverage, landscape and parking provision.

Within the preparation of both site and plot regulations, the principal intent has been to ensure that new development will be implemented in a controlled manner while still allowing flexibility for the creativity and innovation of different design teams.


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