Aje House,



Once Nigeria’s third tallest building, Aje House is located at the centre of Ibadan’s Central Business District. Originally designed as offices in the 1950s, it provides an early example of West African modernist architecture and is a recognised landmark across Ibadan.

Over time the building has fallen into a state of disrepair and ultimately, disuse. One primary aspect identified by the Client and the design team for this was a downturn in occupancy rates in favour of more dynamic and flexible working environments.

Secured through an international design competition, a visioning and feasibility strategy was commissioned for the renewal of Aje House and the redevelopment of a larger parcel of land around this to create a hub for business and enterprise in the city. Rather than delivering more traditional office space, the proposal focuses on the creation of a holistic live-work environment with a mix of contemporary business space, secure car and cycle parking and supporting retail, leisure and hospitality facilities.


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