Stoneythorpe Village,



Outline Master Plan, Parameter Plans and Design and Access Statement for a sustainable community in Warwickshire.

Representing a unique opportunity, the ambition for Stoneythorpe Village is for a model eco-settlement that incorporates passive energy generation, ‘best practice’ sustainable design principles and an underlying landscape structure.

Working with a multi-disciplinary team from Mayer Brown, Cerda Planning, Ecolocation Ecology, Eco-Design Consultants and Vista Landscape, the Master Plan provides a framework for up 800 homes of varying typologies, employment generating activities, live-work accommodation, a primary school and a hierarchy of public open spaces from a central square to a riverside park.


ce-make-Stoneythorpe_Village_1 Placemake
ce-make-Stoneythorpe_Village_3 Placemake