Spring Update 2016


Spring Update 2016

After a bit of a delay when it looked like the seasons were going backwards, it’s finally beginning to look like spring!


From the master planning of an exemplar, environmentally driven development of up 800 new homes to the redevelopment of an iconic modernist tower, here is a summary of what we have been working on…


Stoneythorpe Village, Warwickshire

With the underlying intent of achieving a zero carbon development of up to 800 units with supporting retail, commercial and community facilities, Stoneythorpe Village represents a truly exciting opportunity to plan for tomorrow while accommodating the needs of today.


Spring Update

To best achieve this, the illustrative master plan (above) represents the coming together of sustainable strategies for landscape, infrastructure and building design to present a fully integrated vision for new development – from the orientation of new units to maximise solar gain to setting out a road network that may accommodate driverless vehicles over time.


Spring Update

At the same time as planning for the future, it has been significant to ensure that new development responds to existing conditions and the wider context. Within this, particular care and attention has been applied to ensure the mix and arrangement of new development has a particular sense of place and character that is rooted in the Lias Uplands region.


Aje House, Ibadan

Earlier this year, we submitted a visioning strategy for the redevelopment of an iconic modernist tower at the heart of Ibadan’s Central Business District.


Spring Update

Clearly apparent on Ibadan’s skyline and one of Nigeria’s tallest buildings (excluding central Lagos), the tower has gradually fallen into a state of disrepair and its once prominent site has been gradually absorbed within the growth and expansion of the city: it is now difficult to find the site at street level.

As part of an invited design competition, a strategy has been prepared for the redevelopment of up to 2,560 m2 of prime commercial space that includes Aje House, its podium and a cluster of smaller buildings and structures.

Within the resultant proposal, the core of the existing structure is retained while the podium is extended to provide a range of supporting retail, commercial and hospitality activities and present a ‘front door’ to Lebanon Road; one of Ibadan’s commercial spines. A separate structure seeks to accommodate parking requirements while a roof top restaurant, bar and lounge frames a view to Mokola Hill and Agobi Gardens.


Domestic Airports Planning Review, KSA

Continuing from the end of 2015, we have been reviewing the proposed land use master plan and terminal design for three domestic airports in KSA.


Spring Update

As the basis for this, multiple aspects are considered including site conditions and regional growth patterns, ‘airport city’ development principles, market and economic studies and local and national aviation regulations.

At a local level, we are working with Jeddah based Hazim Consulting while UK based transport planners, Mayer Brown are reviewing aircraft manoeuvring, infrastructure design and traffic forecasts for each site.


Other News:

Arc Consulting Partners: At the end of 2015, Place-Make aligned with a number of similar sized, independent consulting firms with a particular experience in tourism and hospitality development.



The intention of the new consortium is to provide an integrated approach to a new or an existing tourism offering through consideration of the many interrelated aspects that are associated with a successful and sustainable development.

Whether it is a self-contained destination such as an agri-tourism resort or a city centre hotel or multiple assets spread across a wider area, Arc-CP brings together specialists at each stage in the process of planning, delivering and operating a successful project.

Further information on group expertise and areas of operation can be found at this link: