Autumn Update 2015


Autumn Update 2015

The leaves on the trees are beginning to disappear, summer clothes have been packed away for another year and raincoats and umbrellas are on permanent stand by (in the UK, at least!).


Autumn Update


As we begin the gradual decent into winter, we thought it would be a good time to stay indoors and prepare an update of what we have been working on over autumn…


Stoneythorpe Village, Warwickshire

Working alongside a multi-disciplinary team that includes Mayer Brown, Cerda Planning, Eco-Design Consultants and Vista Landscape Studio, an Illustrative Master Plan and planning documents have been prepared for a sustainable community of up to 800 homes with supporting local centre facilities.


stoneythorpe village

Illustrated Master Plan

Representing a composite area of up to 40 ha, the master plan provides an integrated strategy for the arrangement of potential development and incorporates a number of particular environmental design considerations from the distribution of facilities according to walking distances to the alignment, massing and treatment of buildings for energy efficiency.

An underlying landscape structure connects existing planting, proposed open space and the wider landscape context while supporting ecology, drainage and circulation strategies.



Walking distances

Particular care and attention has been applied to building massing and the arrangement of activities and open space to sensitively integrate the new community with the wider locale and encourage a sense of place and character that will be akin to a traditional village.


Autumn Update

Arrangement of the local centre around a market square


Concept Master Plan for a new university town in Pakistan

Working with Meinhardt Group and the Provincial Housing Authority, Place-Make has been engaged to prepare a Concept Master Plan for a significant new development in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.


Aspirational Master Plan

Aspirational Master Plan

Based around the catalyst of a new university, development is envisaged as a traditional college or university town where research and academic activities will be decentralised and interspersed within mixed-use areas.

Overall, an area of up to 32,000 hectares has been identified for potential development. In addition to the proposed urban area, this includes expansive areas of formal and informal landscaping for leisure and recreational activities. Strategic areas have been set aside for future growth and expansion as part of a long term phasing strategy.

Reflecting the site’s undulating topography coupled with the overall intent to decentralise academic activities, the vision is for a consolidated, mixed-use district with a variety of satellite ‘academic villages’. Each ‘academic village’ will accommodate a different faculty, together with an allowance of residential and retail accommodation. Potential development will be sensitively arranged around the site’s natural topography and characteristics and large areas of the natural landscape will be retained.

After completion of the overarching land use, transportation, open space and phasing strategies, core action areas will be developed in greater detail.


Private residence with guest accommodation and leisure facilities in Ibadan, Nigeria

Located on an area of 0.9 hectares that gradually slopes towards Ibadan’s golf course, new development will include a large family residence with guest and employee’s accommodation and a variety of leisure and recreational facilities.


General Arrangement

General Arrangement

Within this, Place-Make has been engaged to provide a holistic vision for new development that integrates multiple buildings and open spaces of varying character and function with the site’s natural topography and existing planting. Particular design considerations have included the arrangement of proposed buildings and activities to maximise views across the site and the wider locale, incorporate variations in level, create shaded areas and provide a hierarchy of private and semi-private open spaces.

Having submitted alternatives for potential arrangements, the preferred option is currently being developed at a greater level of detail.


Other News:

New Instruction: Review of three regional airports in KSA

Working alongside KSA based, infrastructure design and project managers, Hazim Consulting and Mayer Brown in the UK, we have recently been engaged to provide a review of the master plans for three regional airports in KSA.


Revie of three regional airports


Initially prepared in 2009, a number of national and international airport design regulations have since been revised, which has necessitated the review and potential modification of the current master plans and passenger terminals.

More news to follow as this exciting project develops …


New Partnership

We are delighted to become a member of a recently formed consortium of independent practices that will be specifically dedicated to tourism and hospitality related development.


New Partnership

Arc Consulting Partners brings together specialists in the fields of tourism economics, hospitality market appraisal and asset management, quantity surveying, distribution and technology, property asset management, finance and travel. Within this, Place-Make will bring to the team a particular focus of the physical and strategic aspects of a potential development, whether this is a boutique hotel or a master plan with a range of complimentary activities.

The overriding ambition of the partnership will be to enhance a tourism or hospitality offering through greater consideration of the many interrelated aspects that are associated with the development and operation of a successful project.

Once live, a link to the Arc Consulting Partners website will be shared on this page.