Autumn Update 2014


Autumn Update 2014

We have recently submitted an Outline Master Plan for a predominantly residential community to the east of Ibadan City in Oyo State, Nigeria.


Outline Master Plan for a new residential community in Ibadan


We have recently submitted an Outline Master Plan for a predominantly residential community to the east of Ibadan City in Oyo State, Nigeria.

Occupying an area of up to 10.5 hectares, the Master Plan provides a framework for the development of up to 150 units of varying typologies ranging from apartments and town houses to low density detached and semi-detached dwellings.

A mixed-use local centre is located at the heart of the plan. Within a walking distance of up to 200 meters from all units, the local centre will include a shop, day care centre, community centre and a number of one bedroom and studio apartments. The local centre is arranged around a neighbourhood park with sports courts and a public transit hub, which provides the opportunity to connect the new community and the wider locale through shuttle busses.

The structure of the Master Plan has been arranged to follow the site’s natural topography, which is sloping in two directions. This is coupled with a complex building massing strategy that seeks to encourage south facing views in relation to existing topography and accommodation of varying heights. The Master Plan is currently progressing through the infrastructure design of roads, services and utilities.


Touristic Complex, Tabuk, KSA

We have recently initiated a new project for an exciting eco-tourism development in the Tabuk region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

With an immaculate Red Sea coastline and a fertile plateau that is rich in agricultural production, Tabuk is aptly referred to as the Garden of Saudi Arabia. Through a combination of the region’s unique natural beauty, relatively temperate climate, historical attractions and antiquities and also, proximity to neighbouring Jordan and the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah, Tabuk represents a fantastic opportunity for eco-tourism within the Kingdom and also, internationally.

In the first instance, a feasibility study is being prepared to identify the scale, nature and character of potential development. Following completion of this, the team can proceed with the preparation of a Master Plan and vision strategy for a viable and sustainable eco-tourism destination.






Urban extension and new town development in Pakistan

We are currently working with the Meinhardt Group and local authorities on two significant developments in Pakistan. One, an urban extension to the historic city of Lahore and secondly, a mixed-use new town development of up to 1,200 hectares in the north of Punjab province.

A Strategic Plan has been prepared for the latter that provides a variety of complimentary land uses around the core of a knowledge and education campus. An underlying landscape strategy seeks to respond to existing constraints and the site’s natural topography while the arrangement of series of relatively self contained satellite districts will support a long term phasing strategy that may accommodate variation in market trends and demand over time.


Food Street Lahore

Food Street, Lahore


Food Street Lahore

Food Street



And finally…

Having completed a master plan and concept building and landscape design for l’Heritage in Beirut in 2012, the resort is now fully operational and has enjoyed a first full summer season.

Occupying a relatively narrow and linear site, the master plan was arranged to strengthen views to the city and beyond this, to the Mediterranean Sea. Accommodation is arranged in two clusters either side of a main entrance and an area designated for special events. To preserve views, services and storage are located at the rear of the site beneath an elevated walkway for circulation. A traditional Levantine building style is combined with a contemporary entrance pavilion, which, when lit for events and functions, can be seen from the city below.

An image of the completed resort is included below…



L’Heritage Resort